The clean solution

    Washing bottles in the M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine.

    A further contribution to establishing sustainable systems for reusable tableware in the industry – made by MEIKO.

    As a trend, sustainability is causing us to move away from disposable products and towards more reusable solutions in almost every industry. This also applies to bottles. Filling glass bottles and carafes with tap water or other drinks onsite is becoming much more popular. And these have to be washed, too!

    This is no problem with our new bottle rack system for the M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine. 16 glass bottles in any standard size or shape, along with carafes can be cleaned in a jiffy – even bottles all the way up to an internal diameter of 114 mm and lab bottles are no problem.

    Huge 16 bottles per cycle
    640 bottles per hour

    Programm cycle: 90 seconds

    • Suitable for every M-iClean UM or UM+
    • Washing and rinse in a separate pipe inside the bottle.
    • Easy handling
      • Can quickly converted from glass washer to bottle washer.
      • Flexible use whenever bottles need to be rinsed.
      • Simple cleaning of nozzles or even replacement possible.
    • Patented product in design and function.
    • Alternating operation between bottles and normal rinsing possible in seconds.
    • Optional bottle centering for optimal rinsing results with thin / small bottles.
    • Larger outer bottle diameter for up to 114mm possible.

    A standard dishwasher designed to wash plates and glasses, the nozzles don't spray inside the small neck off the bottles and therefore doesn't wash inside the bottle properly.

    The MEIKO bottle rack is designed to hygianically clean both inside and outside the bottle which means that hygiene is quaranteed.

    The unique 2 nozzle system (wash + rinse) ensures water goes directly inside the bottles without the chance of detergent filled wash water remaining in the bottle.The nozzles can be removed easily in case of blockages or when damaged.

    Other systems available with the capacity, take twice as long to wash the same amount of bottles.

    MEIKO uses the full capacity of the dishwasher and can wash 16 bottles in one cycle.