The clean solution

    M-iClean H – hood type dishwashing machines

    Ergonomic workplaces, shorter wash cycle times, quicker drying, lower costs.

    Demo kitchen at HOST Milano 2021

    From M to XL – MEIKO has a hood for every requirement

    Ideal for large washware and confined workspaces: The M-iClean HM hood type dishwashing machine with a passing height of 505 mm and a small rack size of 500 x 500 mm.

    If you are thinking big, you'll will find strong design at MEIKO: The M-iClean HL hood type dishwashing machine with a passing height of 560 mm and a rack size of up to 650 x 500 mm.

    Whether coarse or fine, large or small: The M-iClean HXL hood type dishwashing machine with twice as much capacity makes everything hygienically and sparklingly bright in two 500 x 500 mm racks. The passing height is a generous 505 mm.

    Rinse with MEIKO M-iClean H
    Progress in washing, which couldn't be cleaner

    Just a gentle touch, that's all

    It's easy to talk about ergonomics but we made it happen – and the M-iClean H is the proof. It opens and closes itself with just a gentle touch from the operator. Silent. Reliable. Effortless.

    The ergonomic concept of the M-iClean H protects employee health, saves time and creates a better work environment. No more awkward loading and unloading or twisting, no unnecessary waiting time, no more stooping or bending.

    Never polish again! The optional drying table is the smart solution for even faster washware loading and unloading.

    We trust our technology. You have our word.

    The proof is our 60-month warranty on all electrical and mechanical components of the automatic hood system. That is a safe investment in reliability for you!

    Smart, speedy, simple:

    take your dishwashing area digital with MEIKO Connect

    Right now with MEIKO Connect – find out more with just one click. Connect your dishwashing machine to your smartphone and get immediate read outs of machine and hygiene data. Convenient and reliable.

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    Die neue App von MEIKO
    App MEIKO Connect

    New app for commercial dishwashers. For more transparency in your commercial kitchen. All relevant information now on your smartphone – simple and convenient.

    White paper dishwashing area planning

    What hotel and food service managers should know about commercial kitchen / dishwashing area planning is described in this concise and easy to read white paper.

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    Engineering can be so supple

    The automatic hood system is a completely new design that puts MEIKO at the forefront of working comfort throughout the industry. A gentle touch of the handle, simple touch of the display or fully automatic – the M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine brings ergonomics to life. Manual hood opening is a thing of the past. The M-iClean H is designed for ergonomic use and is much easier to load and unload, putting less strain on the operator and speeding up the whole dishwashing process.

    Unpleasant climate and energy wastage?

    - heat retention*

    - vapour extraction with self-cleaning feature

    - waste water heat recovery

    - exhaust heat recovery

    Keeping it simple

    - intuitive blue operating concept

    - safety glass touch display

    - automatic rack detection

    We've thought of everything: premium quality for all occasions

    - combined stainless steel wash and rinse arms

    - dosing pipes, detergent and rinse aid lines are made from stainless steel to prevent downtime and repair costs.

    - high passing height (505 / 560 mm)

    - 60-month warranty on all the electrical and mechanical components of the automatic hood system

    Ingenious details

    - drying table for active drying

    - more flexibility in kitchen organisation thanks to the integrated GiO MODULE inside the machine

    - simple height adjustment and base installation

    - flexible machine use without additional effort. Base installation and adaptable height with all machines

    - easy to adapt power requirement to local fuse protection system

    - fold-away and removable rack holder

    - display can be mounted either side or externally

    Fast – Faster – QuickDry

    Discover the innovative drying system MEIKO QuickDry specially developed for plastic cups and bowls, which also dries items of any other material effortlessly. With a capacity of up to 500 cups/hour and a connected load of just 0.1 kW, QuickDry is the perfect solution for getting washware dry while driving down operating costs.

    • Connected load of just 0.1 kW
    • Low operating costs (due to low connected load)
    • Excellent drying result: drying from the top and from below
    • Running time of 180 s
    • Enhanced indoor climate: no steam emission into the room
    • Easy to clean - no curtains, therefore no obstacles
    • Large entry height of 505 mm
    • No separate power supply/fuse protection required
    • Hygiene safety (as no curtains and due to an excellent drying result)
    • Easy maintenance - no heating medium, no wear parts
    MEIKO QuickDry drying system

    Drying: As important as the washing result

    Well-dried washware depends on many factors. MEIKO QuickDry is a well thought-out drying system, offering excellent results in combination with the appropriate rinse aid, the appropriate racks and the appropriate water treatment.

    Thanks to the intelligent drying method, the room climate is hardly affected. The module can be docked to our M-iClean HM or HL hood type dishwashing machines and combined with a drying table equipped with a cooling fan. In addition, our special MEIKO ACTIVE plastic detergent ensures optimum cleaning and drying results. Please note that the drying result largely depends on the cups' design.

    Water treatment processes
    Water Treatment - methods, advantages, technologies

    Water does not always behave the same way when we clean with it. Some of the minerals it contains can inhibit performance by leaving those familiar ugly and unappetising smears on cutlery and glasses. In dishwashers they may deposit a fur commonly known as limescale.

    Success stories
    Read the story behind
    M-iClean H in the Casino Baden-Baden
    Awards and prizes
    5-star quality in all categories: atmosphere, service and warewashing.

    We don't like to boast about our products, so we'd rather let others review and assess our technology. Speaking of which, we have a long list of prizes and awards. Why not have a look for yourself? We'll be off to develop, tinker and improve some more. See you at the next awards ceremony!

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    Everything under one hood

    Easier work, shorter wash cycle times, improved indoor climate, perfect results, less downtime through better ergonomics, freed-up budget and optimum use of workstation space – the M-iClean H has it all. That is made possible thanks to revolutionary technology and an ingenious ergonomic concept.

    Your requirements, your M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine – no problem left unsolved with our great value packages.

    ErgonomicsComfort package

    There is no need to even touch the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest. The ingenious drying table is the finishing touch to this perfect system – no drying, no polishing.

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    PureEnergy package*

    Our waste water heat recovery and heat retention make wasted energy a thing of the past. We take a holistic approach – and it works no matter what you're washing.

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    FeelGoodClimate package

    We care about the climate, including the climate in the dishwashing area. Our vapour extraction system with self-cleaning feature and heat recovery system are great for the staff.

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    MiraculousShine package

    Not all that glitters is gold, but optimum washing results really are worth their weight in it! The MiraculousShine package knows no compromise. Our innovative GiO MODULE and drying table consign polishing, drying and glass corrosion to the history books.

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    *Not with the M-iClean HXL double rack dishwashing machine