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    AZP 80 – Food waste disposal

    Hygienic and cost-effective food waste systems for the catering industry

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    What to do with food waste?

    Many restaurants and large catering establishments still use the conventional waste removal method. This means that the resulting vegetable cleaning and peeling waste, and food leftovers are collected in unsanitary manner in slop buckets. In addition, the waste in the waste bins often remains in the kitchen area for a long time.

    The modern solution for hygienic, problem-free handling of food waste

    The exemplary technology for food waste disposal in the catering industry with MEIKO AZP 80, simple operation and reliability also help you to get a handle on problems such as: odour even with short storage of waste or wet waste that is not accepted by the waste disposal contractor.


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    Functions that you can depend on

    The food waste is fed through a flume to the comminution plant. The comminution of the food waste is carried out in the horizontally arranged comminution plant, which consists of a rotating grinding disc with milling and cutting teeth made of tungsten carbide with sieve ring, pump housing and motor. The wall of the comminution plant is in the form of sieve ring. Integrated pump impeller blades create a suction effect that transports of the shredded residues to the solids separator. The dewatering of the food particles takes place in the solids separator. The volume reduction is possible up to 85%, usually about 70%. The food waste system is equipped with a rinsing function for reliable cleaning.

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    Comminution unit

    The comminution unit with tungsten carbide teeth shreds all leftovers. Residues and metal parts collect in the sieve basket below.


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    Rinsing system

    The rinsing system located in all four corners ensures thorough cleaning of the screen cylinder by means of powerful cyclical rinses.


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    Hinged doors

    The open double-walled insulated doors guarantee unrestricted access to the mechanical systems over the entire length of the system.


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    Sieve cylinder

    The sieve cylinder along with worm spindle can be removed, cleaned and replaced with a few simple movements.