The clean solution

    MEIKO M-iClean PF-S

    Space-saving utensil washer

    All-in-one solution for all kinds of washware

    Our customers are as diverse as their washware, from displays at bakeries to food retailers. Racks, crates, kneading rollers: The challenge of washing these items lies in the sheer variety of shapes, sizes, materials and degrees of soiling.

    An all-rounder is needed. A powerhouse for tough residues that fits into small niches, achieves top washing results and works economically. We have considered all these different requirements. It's called M-iClean PF-S, and it's no ordinary machine.

    More compact. More powerful. More durable.

    Takes up less than 1 m2 of space

    Have you found the perfect machine, but don't have the space for it? Sometimes it can be a matter of centimetres. It's a problem we see all the time. So we decided to come up with a solution. The MEIKO M-iClean PF-S packs the punch of a premium utensil washer in a unit that takes up less than 1 m² of floor space. "Doesn't fit" is a thing of the past, – so take advantage of your niches.

    Ergonomic and easy to clean

    Want to clean your M-iClean PF-S? It's easy as pie because the door can be folded down in a flash, giving you easy access to the wash chamber. No need to stretch over an open door trying to reach the back corners, and no risk of blocking people's path as you try to clean the machine. Fast, easy and ergonomic.

    Always on hand: the integrated hold-down grid*

    There when you need it: the integrated hold-down grid. It's the perfect way to stop lighter items of washware from moving around during the wash. This means reliable hygiene even with a high washing pressure. And then? Fold it up and you're done! No need to fetch it from the store room, because it's already part of the rack. A smart idea to make your life easier!

    *optional extra

    Large opening

    There's more than meets the eye! With its generously proportioned, easily accessible wash chamber, it is versatile enough to accommodate large items. From baking trays and crates to bulky items of kitchen equipment: as a true allrounder, the M-iClean PF-S leaves everything sparkling and hygienically clean.

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    Quality made by MEIKO

    A promise of cutting-edge technology and real engineering! Our understanding of quality combines product, process and service quality – for maximum safety in terms of function and investment. The M-iClean PF-S also impresses thanks to its reliability and stability. Even the pump impeller is made of stainless steel. The weight of the machine speaks volumes, leaving no doubt that this is a hefty powerhouse designed to give many years of faithful service.

    Washing system

    Smart ways to save

    All programmes aim to provide each user with the optimum mix of cleanliness and efficiency. If your washware is only slightly soiled, simply opt for the short programme to save water, energy and chemicals.

    Talking of savings, why not check out our partial water change option? This achieves hygienic results using a minimal amount of water. In addition, our M-iClean filter effectively removes dirt from the wash process, thereby achieving another huge reduction in the use of detergent and fresh water. That's good for nature, and good for your bank account!

    Access all areas

    A utensil washer has to cope with all kinds of washware, and hard-to-reach corners are the order of the day. With M-iClean PF-S, nothing remains out of reach. Thanks to our clever washing system and robust construction. Reversing wash pipes and strong wash pressure make short work of stubborn stains and "dead corners".

    One for all, and all for one

    As an all-rounder, the M-iClean PF-S removes various forms of soiling and ensures shiny results with a wide range of washware. The large selection of accessories, e.g. inserts for trays, piping bags, etc., helps. An optional water-softener system is also available. This ensures consistent water quality and saves energy by preventing limescale build-up.

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    If only everything was this simple

    Clarity is king! M-iClean PF-S has a safe and simple operating concept: the colour is key. All blue machine parts can be touched, operated or removed. This eliminates the risk of the operator pressing or touching something that could hinder or stop the wash process.

    The blue-lot glass operating panel only displays functions that can be performed at that particular moment in the wash cycle and the dynamic blue progress bar shows the programme run.

    Inside the machine, those functional elements that can be checked or cleaned are blue, for example the M-iClean practical filter.

    The glass operating panel provides all the key information at a glance. One-touch operation makes it quick and easy for personnel to navigate through the programme options.

    The M-iClean's glass operating panel provides all the key information at a glance. One-touch operation makes it quick and easy for machine operators to navigate through the programme options.