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    MEIKO conveyor systems are used all over the world. Available in a wide range of sizes and formats, they deliver consistently superior performance even under the toughest conditions. As well as transporting clean and dirty dishware, MEIKO conveyor systems can also be used for containers, racks and baskets, boxes, trolleys and carts, and food waste. Whatever your needs, we can develop a tailor-made conveyor solution that offers exactly the right technology and functionality to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
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    The round belts travel in a straight line along a narrow path, ensuring easy access to virtually all the rest of the conveyor structure. One of the biggest advantages of the bi-cord conveyor system is that the belt is only configured to accept trays. Individual items of dishware such as plates, cups, cutlery, and bottles simply cannot be placed on the conveyor, so there is no risk of them falling off on curves or inclines. That means all the dirty dishware reaches its destination safely.

    This is the perfect type of conveyor system for situations that involve slight changes in height, for example:

    • transporting trays from the dining room to the wash-up area,
    • conveying trays below serving counters or above doors or maintenance shafts, etc.,
    • evening out slight differences in height from one part of the floor to the next,
    • transporting dishware above the dishwasher feed section to create more ergonomic working conditions for people clearing and sorting the trays in the dishwasher area.

    Correctly spaced trays are carried safely around the centre of the curve, with the belt changing speed as necessary. Tall, sturdy tray guides prevent items on the edge of the tray from falling off as it negotiates the curve and ensure that the tray navigates the section safely and securely.

    MEIKO offers two types of vertical conveyor that provide the perfect solution for virtually any environment: the MVF-G with its fork-shaped vertical transportation system and the MVF-P, which uses a platform system. Both types of conveyor offer significant advantages:

    • extremely quiet conveyor operation
    • very low maintenance
    • sturdy and robust design
    • high tensile strength thanks to special rubber chains with integrated steel traction cables
    • smooth transition from horizontal to vertical conveying
    • excellent stability for dishware
    • easy for planners to incorporate in a wide range of systems
    • a range of cladding options to suit any interior