The clean solution
    TopClean D

    • Preliminary cleaning and pre-cleaning
    • Great cleaning performance, combating soot and more 
    • Patented compressed air connection
    • No cross-contamination
    • For 4 complete self contained breathing apparatuses or 12 BA masks

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    TopClean M

    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Regulators and self-contained breathing apparatuses are constantly pressurised
    • Modular rack system
    • For 8 regulators, 4 BA masks, 1 SCBA harness, 1 compressed air bottle

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    TopClean H

    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • The automatic hood system means washware can be pushed through
    • Ideal for keeping the clean and dirty sides separate
    • Modular rack system
    • For 6 BA masks, 8 regulators

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    • Modular rack system: base rack + inserts + accessories
    • Separation is clear and small parts are held securely in place
    • For BA masks, self-contained breathing apparatuses, regulators, compressed air bottles, combination attachments, helmets

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    Fast, gentle on materials and safe: the mechanical treatment of respiratory protective equipment

    Even after use – every move needs to be spot on, every minute counts

    guaranteed respiratory protection with MEIKO

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) needs to be 100% reliable when used. Reliability is literally essential for survival here. Everything that leaves the respiratory protective equipment workshop first needs to have undergone highly professional and valid processes to ensure safety. However, respiratory protective equipment technicians themselves also need to be on the safe side. MEIKO's cleaning and disinfection appliances for this are the clean solution: professional, economic and completely safe. They now set the standard for the treatment of respiratory protective equipment for professional and voluntary fire services and industrial companies. The innovative process that takes place during mechanical treatment results in a greatly shortened and safe cleaning process without direct contact with chemicals – even under pressurisation. Of course in compliance with all safety measures and stipulations of the leading mask manufacturers.