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    Hygiene specialists launch platform for improved customer proximity

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    Manufacturer Meiko has a new online platform,, for potential and existing customers – and it is more than just a virtual showroom! Users can browse planning examples and a library of expertise, they can pick up knowledge delivered as explainer videos and livestream recordings made at trade shows and events. The platform is available in German and English. At users can even engage with some areas of the website in three dimensions – all they need is a pair of 3D glasses.

    ‘We want to make our clean solutions even more tangible to Meiko customers, especially in a time when trade shows are regularly cancelled, postponed or run as hybrid events,’ Sibylle Hamann, Head of Marketing and Communication at Meiko explains the reasoning behind this updated online presence. Users can visit three virtual spaces and experience them in 3D if they wish: a large and a small dishwashing area, as well as a utility room in a hospital. Visitors can move around the virtual room using simple mouse clicks – pause for a moment and hover over an active area in the 3D world to open an info box or move into the next room. ‘All three spaces provide the opportunity to experience how individual machines work.But there is more going on: you can see when the right accessories and expert planning turn it into a holistic solution – all of it from Meiko, all in one place,’ says Ms Hamann.

    Alongside these three showrooms, visitors can also watch presentations and interviews from previous events and conferences. The range spans warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology, food waste management and planning, right through to current hot topics like hygiene, reusable washware and sustainability. In the future, will also provide the option to attend livestreams. Visitors can head to the Media Center for a variety of explainer videos, providing product information in warewashing technology, as well as cleaning and disinfection for care utensils and for personal protective equipment.

    ‘Next year, we will continue to develop the Meiko Experience Zone to make it even more intuitive for users. It is already a great way to create a sense of proximity even in times of distancing, allowing us to connect with potential customers and guide them,’ Ms Hamann explains. All content is available in English and German, with plans to roll out in more languages.