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    MEIKO dishwashing machines are the peak of hygiene

    MEIKO washes the dishes at a height of 3000 metres in the Zugspitz restaurant

    This construction site was, quite literally, a tightrope walk: In order to reach the Zugspitze restaurant, and thus the highest mountain in Germany at an altitude of 3000 metres, there was no other way than the Zugspitzbahn cable car. The logistics team at MEIKO in Offenburg therefore packed all of the parts of the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine and a M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine into crates to transport them up the mountain – and the dishwashing machines, which had been dismantled into pieces, were soon floating up to meet the needs of modernizing food service. The team travelled with the machines, and then installed the latest warewashing technology at the top.

    The highest construction site in Germany - MEIKO on the Zugspitze

    While the dishwashing machine parts were being manoeuvred into position inch by inch, the MEIKO team was able to take a break and enjoy the practically endless views across the Alps. A true reward for well planned precision work …

    More than a half a million visitors enjoy the spectacular views every year. They marvel and enjoy – previously drinking coffee out of paper cups. This has now changed. The latest warewashing technology from MEIKO ensures hygienically perfectly washed porcelain kitchenware, including cups. The coffee doesn't just taste better out of these cups, the environment is also being spared.